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This page is dedicated to the Cleveland Heights GSA. GSA is a group set on spreading awareness, tolerance and acceptance of the LGBT community. It's purpose is also to be a safe area where anyone can feel comfortable going to escape whatever issues whether LGBT related or not. Everyone is invited whether you're already a supporter or just aiming for more information. So stop by sometime.

Meetings will usually be held on Thursdays in Ms. KJs room. REAL school.


° Group Advisor: Ms. KJ
° President : Jazmine
° Vice President : Open
° Publicity : Open
° Activities Coordinator : Open
° Secretary : Open
° Treasurer : Open

takenfromtheexperts-deactivated submitted: Hello, my name is Tyler, I am doing a paper for my University on the LGBT Community and the minds behind the fight. I was wondering if you would check out my blog and write an opinion to Homophobia.

sure thing! :)

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